You don't need to live near me to be a part of meditation group – Spiritually Awoken Angelic Reiki - By Gary Bashford

You don't need to live near me to be apart of our Meditation group

We are connected to everything, which means you don't need to live near me to benefit from our meditation group. When we embrace the thought that everything is connected, then we start to see that we have always been guided in our lives, suddenly it becomes easier to see how meditation and distance Angelic Reiki healing can work and it does work! In fact, you do not need to be near me as we are all energy and where intention goes energy flows. When we except the principle that we are all Devine and children of the creator then distant Angelic Reiki Healing therapy and meditation must work as we are all children of the divine. 

Our meditation group is a community there to help beginners and professional to harness there skills at meditation. we have a prize draw on every meeting where we offer a prize to a random participant in the group. Our group will meet twice  fortnightly on zoom for 1 hour. this is made up of a 20min guided mediation and a different speaker every month. 

Join our meditation at out contact page just select the drop down for Happy giving meditation sign up with email to the group