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Spiritually Awake

What is our purpose in life?

Money and flashy cars are OK, but no good if you don’t have love and harmony.

You could be a successful business man with someone hanging on your every word yet still be

isolated and lonely as though there is something missing.

As we journey through life we build up our karma So we hope you enjoy our website.

All information and items are there to help you elevate to a higher consciousness to enable you

to vibrate at a higher frequency and become your best image of yourself and move you along in

your journey. Namaste

Gary Bashford at the Opera
Gary Bashford at the Opera

Are we all connected?

The answer is

Of course we are


We are connected in such a beautiful, there is no separation. That is just a construct we have been given by our controllers. We are all just brothers and sisters trying to get along as everything connects to the universe. We are the Christed soul on earth. That is why we need to live in harmony with the Earth and every person and creature on it. I decide to write a book about the things we tried. It looks at some of the different religions we explored and at the different trinkets like crystals and why they are so important. I have created a eBook about our journey. I hope it helps you to find your path and discover the true meaning of why you are here on this stunning planet we call Earth.

Two swans partners for life
Two swans partners for life

“Do something or be with people who make you smile a little today.”

- Gary Bashford

Up hills and down dales where will your spiritual journey take YOU!