How to use a pendulum for dowsing – Spiritually Awoken Angelic Reiki - By Gary Bashford

How to use a pendulum

How to use a Pendulum

Just like  Tarot Cards, Singing Bowles and Runes Stones Pendulums are another tool to help you progress your skills, they can be used as a tool for spiritual healing and inner growth. They can be made of many different materials such as stone, crystal, glass, and normally hanging from a chain. How to use a pendulum  correctly is to ask it yes, no questions. It will answer by swinging in the direction of the answer. It is important to set up the pendulum correctly. When using a pendulum, it should be held in the non-dominant hand. When asking questions, you are asking Spirit and it is Spirit that will guide you. 

Learning the Art of dowsing 

Learning the art of dowsing can be great fun and some would say it is a long-lost ancient skill. There are many surprises waiting for the committed dowser. They can be used as a general indicator. We would suggest using them with Tarot Cards for accurate divinationHealth can be a contributing factor and can sometimes affect the energy healing in the reading as the pendulums pick up on your energy.  Never a good time to use the pendulum when you are feeling under the weather. As you are likely to get an inaccurate reading. Atmospherics has been known to affect the reading of the pendulum reader.

What to look for in a good Pendulum

It’s important to buy good quality, when considering a dowsing pendulum or healing wand. This can be the difference between a good and bad reading. So making sure it is of high quality is what to look for in a pendulum is very important. Healing wands and dowsing pendulums are well-balanced and of premium quality Crystal. Most are handcrafted, all are beautifully finished.