What is our purpose - Why Are we here ? – Spiritually Awoken Angelic Reiki - By Gary Bashford

What is our purpose - Why Are we here ?

What is our purpose in life?

At first, like so many others, I thought that to be successful you had to have financial wealth. I now believe I got that partly wrong. Please do not misunderstand me. There is nothing wrong with money. In fact, it can be a great thing to have, but I believe that it is only an exceedingly small part of why I am here.

This is not about religion; it is about the discovery within you! Getting to know your soul essence. Too many people spend time comparing themselves to others. For some reason people seem to define themselves by what they have accumulated rather than who they are. They are so busy on the treadmill of life they do not stop to treat themselves with unconditional love.

You need to Stop and smell the roses.

It is about creation, I have discovered that we are here to have a spiritual awakening. We all need to develop spiritually, raise our vibration and in doing so experience life's abundance. I believe this starts with gratitude. You could literally have a money tree at the end of the garden in your mind. If you only learnt to give gratitude, for what you already have, you could manifest anything.

Life and Love are to be lived in abundance finding the light

I keep a gratitude journal, and I have written eBook titled Finding The Light, it is a celebration of love and the simple things in life as we progress on our spiritual journey towards abundance. One of the things I wanted to do is highlight budding writers and creative people, which is why Chris, and I created the audio lounge to include audio downloads of books for developing the mind.

Introducing say no to Parkinson Disease and our Audio Lounge and book store 

Chris and really want to help others, that is why we created the Audio Lounge so if you have a creative book or audio contact us. Chris’s book was one of the first books we put up it can be found on amazon kindle he writes about how he has kept it at bay Parkinson's Disease without the use of increasing the use of drugs for over a decade. It is a fascinating and informative read he aptly named it Say No To Parkinson's. He has had some great reviews on the book, and it is really helping Parkinson's sufferers out as they come to terms with the changes in their lives.

We have also developed two specialized downloadable audios one is called Mental Health Mind and Body the other one is titled Detox For Your Mind. Both are about changing your mindset and setting yourself free from any of your old beliefs and debilitating negative pre-set programs, onto which you are unconsciously holding. You can turn your life around effortlessly. With our range of subliminal relaxation and meditation musical downloads, which deal with a range of life issues such as, sleeping better, studying more effectively, releasing stress, finding happiness, creating wealth, and taking back your power.