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My Testimonials for Angelic Reiki Therapy

This is a place where I am building my testimonials for Angelic Reiki Therapy. You can also leave me a review on google Here and Yell Here There are other on Spiritually Awake website too. They are for distant and face to face appointments. you will see the reviews on the individual collections as well.

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Cat M

Amazing healing experience

I had absent healing from Gary. I slept very well that evening and woke up with no back pain! (I have had pain in my upper back for a couple of months and nothing I tried seemed to shift it). I felt like some negative energy had left me also as I felt lighter and more positive and less anxious. Also, a few hours prior to the agreed healing time I had been troubled with an old injury of my right foot from about a year ago. It had mainly settled down but had really flared up this day, it continued to be more painful during the healing session with Gary and for the rest of the night. By the next morning, all the pain had gone and hasn't come back. A very gifted healer, thankyou so much.



Poppy B (west Sussex)
Amazingly Beautiful Healing

This is a review for my Dad, it is an honest review, it stands to reason that people might think otherwise. My dad has a wonderful gift, so it makes perfect sence to share that gift with his family. Last night I had the most amazing reiki session I have ever experienced. I wasn’t aware it could be done at a distance also. I have woken up this morning feeling wonderful, lighter in my step and In touch with my spirituality. Thank you so much for my healing. It is truly beautiful the gift you have. Thank you again dad.



JM Seattle, WA, USA

Distance Healing for Cancer

It's not often I feel reiki, but Gary's team and healing energy is very powerful! Gary gave his time and energy to help heal my rare cancer. He called in the Angels of light and my higher self to help heal my cancer which is near my heart, as well as various other chakras and ailments. I could feel my breathing improve when he worked on my throat chakra. I could feel the angelic vibrations. I could feel my crown chakra open up. A very nice person dedicated to healing those in need. I highly recommend. 

Heidi B


Healing is fantastic and works!

This was the first Reiki treatment I have had, and I was slightly sceptical and unsure how Reiki could work for me. I have to say, I did not need to worry and after the treatment I felt fantastic, and I am still feeling the effects one week later. In fact, it has encouraged me to also train a as Reiki Healer. Highley recommend



Wonderful healing session

My wife and I both had a recent distant healing session with Gary. It was truly wonderful to feel the healing feelings that came over us. This is now the second day from the healing session and we feel a lift in our spirit or I should say spirits. Thank you to Gary for your caring help. You are truly a brother in this Earthly Realm. Thank you again. Stan & Barb from Colorado

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