All the roads lead to YOU! – Spiritually Awoken Angelic Reiki - By Gary Bashford

All the roads lead to YOU!

How To become a powerful 5-Dimensional Spiritual light, living in harmony and balance?

My Blog - All the roads lead to YOU! - What if I told you how to become a powerful 5-Dimensional spiritual light, that is able to live in balance and harmony. Do you know the reason you are here is a spiritual one, it is to develop your spiritual gifts so you are able to manifest what your heart desires.

What are spiritual gifts?

What are your spiritual gifts, they are powerful psychic gifts we were all born with, like clairvoyance, telepathy, and several others that you are here to develop. That is your mission! But how I hear you cry, well first you must give gratitude for your life? And what you already have. You do this by learning to find harmony and balance in everything you do. Including creating a good work life balance and exercise. Healthy eating is a must for we are what we eat as they say. In short you are looking to raise your consciousness to a good vibration.

What do I mean by vibration and consciousness?

What do I mean by vibration and consciousness? This is all energy, because that’s all we are. We all like to think we are in control of our lives, but the reality is we are just all balls of energy contained in a meat suit. That is why we get on with some people and not others, because our energy field is a match to the other person. This is where the human body is, we are all vibrating at a different frequency.

Many of us lightworkers are making the transition from 3-Dimensional consciousness to 5-Dimensional consciousness. You would think weird right, well, that is exactly why you are here. You are vibrating at a different level to the 3-Dimensional person you are ascending.

That is why you are finding it hard to interact with people who are still on the 3D timeline. Because your vibration has changed, and you are no longer resonating at that level of consciousness. You are no longer compatible, just like the opposite poles of a magnet.

What if I told you that your ascension comes with doing the homework and that your new found consciousness of feeling different comes with symptoms just like you get when you have a cold, which we will cover in this book. I hope it can be used as a template to help you understand and grow into the best 5D human being with raised consciousness.

Is your decision making coming from the heart? Will it benefit the many instead of just the few? Is it considered a greed or need? Are you making a decision that will hurt others and just benefit you?

Has your mind become so wrapped up in your monetary journey and possessions that your heart is ignoring the devastation and misery you are leaving behind in your wake as you hurtle your way through this planet like an out-of-control comet? Destroying everything in its wake.

And finally, are you taking time to stop? Giving thanks for the wonderful miracle in this world that happen every day, like the sun rising and setting or a baby being born, flowers coming into bloom the ebb and flow of the seas. Have you visited a beautiful forest to listen to the beautiful dawn chorus which is probably just a car journey from you? Just listening to the singing of the birds in a forest first thing in the morning, it is so inspirational.

My journey to find the light

My greatest gift was the communication with my Angels. The crazy thing is they are communicating with you daily, and you do not even notice them. You must ask, believe, and they will come. You can use a pendulum for dowsing to ask the Angels questions on your progress. They will be with you every step of the way as soon as you ask, they will reveal themselves to you and help you determine your path. I used Crystals to help me heal, numerology to check my guidance. I even went at one point to see a Tarot reader. Well she was more of a clairvoyant, she also was able to read the palm too. I did all this to show me the way and constantly checked in with Angels to make sure the path I was on was correct.

When I was 40, I wrote a self-pity book of my life it was filled with all the bad things that had happened to me up until that date. It was my own therapy if you will. It was that book that has been written as a private memoir to me. How did I know that book would start me on a my journey to find the light. Searching for self-discovery, enlightenment, and harmony? This new book called The Power Is Within You -Finding The Light asks you to question some more as it is only by this process that can we unlock our true gifts and our meaning for our existing on this beautiful planet. I also decided to develop a healing process for your Chakras, I called it Chakra Solfeggio frequency Healing. Did you know, it is a fact your subconscious mind absorbs 90% of your thoughts. Why the other 10% of your consciousness mind absorbs the rest. So, it makes perfect sense to let your subconscious mind re-program you without you having to really use any real effort. I have designed these audios to unblock and re centre your chakras. This process utilizes binaural beats, triangular pulse modulation and auto-panning modulation to produce its relaxing effect. This results in a background haze which is perfectly normal and aids assimilation that helps the subconscious mind absorb the messages more quickly.

Heart Chakra

I can only tell you the way I unblocked my Heart Chakra. I needed to heal myself from past trauma. I painted my home and the place where I spent the most time with the colour green. I started wearing green items of clothing and men's bracelets such as silver and chakra jewellery. I created a chakra healing audio program which really helped me heal my heart. You need to deal with the hurt and pain that has been caused in your life, meditation was and still is important.

Finding the right exercise

This is very important; to find the right exercise, they say all exercise is good. Trust me some are better than others. yoga and Tai Chi is particularly good for unblocking the throat chakra. It was important to invest in comfortable clothing when taking exercise and meditating. Getting back to nature, the great news here is there are Spiritual Retreats that do all this.

Reiki is another good way of unblocking the throat chakra. It is vital to cleanse the working area and ward off any bad spirits, this can be done with smudging, they are used for cleansing during and after meditation, so no bad energies can attach themselves to your lower self when you are calling in spirits and guides to help you.

I used two items to help with tuning my throat chakra. The first was the throat chakra tuning fork which was amazing and worked wonders for me, I even use it from time to time to check my throat chakra. To make sure it is resonating correctly.

One of the things I used to heal my throat chakra was a singing bowl and healing stones. The reason for the singing bowl is that the throat chakra is controlled by sound and resonance of the singing bowl when used correctly create all kinds of different resonances and vibrations it can help with many Chakras.

My other choice was to use blue crystals there are many to choose from like lapis lazuli, turquoise, aquamarine. Just find which ones resonate with you. What I mean by resonate is when you are looking at crystals on a website, which ones call out to you. The most important thing is the power of prayer to your higher self. You must be comfortable and so I found this meditation chair fantastic, as it makes you sit upright so your energies can flow unhindered.

If your trauma is so bad and you need help to clear your Etheric body, there are several things you can do, one seek the expert advice of a Nero linguistic programmer. Who can help you replace those bad thoughts with new ones? Which will help you to trust and love again. Well, there is much more to NLP than that but, it would take too long to explain. The other is to have to Akashic records cleared.

I have written a book where I describe all the Chakras and what you need to do to unblock and purify them. Here I am using an example, of what is in the book. You can download a full copy here download the book. Because ALL ROADS REALY DO LEAD TO YOU! Also, down load my Solfeggio frequency healing audios that accompany this book.

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