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The traditional definition of healing is to pass energy form one person to another. therefore, I do not need to be near you for you to massively benefit form distance Angelic Reiki. As you will see from my reviews, I have sent Angelic Reiki to people all across the world.

Are you suffering with an ailments of or illness such as Anxiety, Depression, Parkinson’s disease, Angelic Reiki helps you discover YOU; Angelic Reiki it will repair your mind and the body.  Let’s empower change in YOU. Many people today have so many ailments and illness in their lives, there have become too many to name. here are few of the main ones I deal with on a daily basis. Long Covid, Fatigue Ascension Symptoms, Cancer, Arthritis, COPD, Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia Parkinson Disease, the list goes on and on. There are so many, and they all manifest in the body. They are your early warning system, An indication that something is out of balance. 



I make no claims of total cure, with my Angelic Reiki. I do however make the claim based on my reviews. Angelic Distant Reiki will raise your vibration, unblock, and enhance your energy centres and help with pain relief and other symptoms. Including some of the ones I mention above. Reiki either face to face or distant is the focused transference of energy from the Practitioner to the client, You must always follow the advice from your medical practitioner if needed first and use Reiki Healing and therapy as an alternative option.


All sessions come with an initial consultation prior to the booking.