History of the Development of Angelic Reiki – Spiritually Awoken Angelic Reiki - By Gary Bashford

History of the Development of Angelic Reiki

Kevin and Christine moved to Luxor, Egypt in 2005. They travelled back to Yorkshire for their wedding in February 2006, before returning to Luxor to their villa overlooking the Valley of the Kings. They dedicated their lives to teaching Angelic Reiki which is now practiced in nearly every country in the world. There are now many thousands of practitioners and teachers all over the world that practise and teach Angelic Reiki healing.


Europe except Poland and Slovenia 
  • North America

  • South America

  • Africana

  • Oceania

  • Asis

Over the years since Kevin’s passing Christine has continued to develop Angelic Reiki. Creating an anchor for many people over the over the years.

When there is something revolutionary, people always want to change it, there is a purity to Angelic Reiki like no other. That is because of Kevin's and Christine passion for what they had begun and the desire to protect it. As both Christine and Kevin felt Angelic Reiki purity was being compromised in different countries. So, the set out to formulise the process as it was being taught differently and incorrectly in other countries. They gave guidance as to how Angelic Reiki should be taught and spoke of their plans to formalise this system of healing whilst maintaining freedom of choice.

Unfortunately, Kevin’s has no passed over he left us in June 2009, Kevin died of throat cancer, I cannot say I knew Kevin, but during my training with Christine, she did share a story about Kevin and his views on the throat cancer that too him. She said Kevin described cancer as ‘unexpressed emotional pain’ and he spent many, many hours daily in meditation and using Angelic Reiki to heal his own past unexpressed emotional pain. He told us that this intensive personal healing work extended his life years beyond what medical advisers had predicted.

Even though I did not know Kevin, I still have nothing but unconditional love and appreciation for him and Christine for what they brought to the worlds consciousness.

Angelic Reiki International is now run by Christine and a number of lovely volunteers. Christine continues to develop the business and continues to carry the torch that both Kevin and Christine Enlighted together.

Following Kevin’s passing on 2 June 2009, in line with his wishes Christine brought in the more in-depth full system of Angelic Reiki (Level 1&2; then Level 3&4; then Professional Practitioner Level; then Master Teacher Level) and new international manuals and certificates were introduced.

Registered Teachers have signed the International Charter covering standards of teaching Angelic Reiki®. They teach according to this current more in-depth format and issue official manuals and certificates to their students. You can review the registered teachers. In my opinion, Angelic Reiki is a life changing beautiful modality.

I feel honoured to say I have been taught by Christine Core (co-founder) She has taught me 1-2 /3-4/ Practitioner / Master Teacher. It is wonderful to feel part of the Angelic Reiki Family. find out more

Angelic Reiki is protected and trademarked modality. Angelic Reiki International organisation

Some teachers who have chosen not to sign the International Charter and not to teach in accordance with the authentic system of teaching Angelic Reiki, subscribe to a website which provides them with templates to print off their own certificates for their students. But they do no carry the trademark of proven lineage authenticity.

The term official is used to denote certificates (Trademarks and use of all authentic ) /manuals supplied via the founders of Angelic Reiki; and ‘organisations’/websites which promote the full system of 4 levels of training (Level 1&2; then Level 3&4; then Professional Practitioner Level; then Master Teacher Level).

Christine core book Angelic Reiki - A New Healing for our Time?

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