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A Primer on Subliminal and Brainwave Audio

What is Subliminal Messaging?

The word subliminal is derived from two Latin words: “sub” meaning under or below and “limen” meaning threshold. A common definition of the term in most dictionaries is “that which is below the threshold of consciousness.”

The premise underlying any form of subliminal messaging is that our minds are comprised of both the conscious and subconscious. As we’ve all likely heard before, we only use a small portion of our brains…our conscious brain that is. Most studies suggest this portion to be only 10% or less, with some stating it’s as little as 7%.

What this means is most of our brain function happens in the subconscious (or that which is below our conscious awareness).

You could compare this to looking out into space. You may only be able to see a limited number of stars and planets. Even so, you know for certain what you see is only but a tiny fraction of everything that’s “out there” making up our universe. There is much more unseen than seen. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

The same goes for subjects like particle physics, microbiology, or a host of other fields. The study of these has proven that there is much more than we ever imagined hiding below the surface of even the tiniest forms of matter…more than we’ll likely ever be able to fully discover or understand.

Subliminal messaging is a form of messaging which attempts to communicate directly with the subconscious portion of the brain below our conscious awareness. This type of messaging can come in many types; the most common of which are audio, video, and text.

You’ve already experienced many forms of this type of messaging whether you realize it or not. Subliminal messages have and can be hidden in words and language patterns, pictures and artwork and all forms of audio and video. One of the most powerful and commonly used mediums is audio.

Audio is such a powerful medium for this type of messaging because it’s nothing more than a collection of vibrations called sound waves. The waves and frequencies audio are comprised of are like the waves and frequencies found in our brain.

Everything is Energy

Inside our minds, there’s a complex symphony of electrical impulses firing on and off continuously. These impulses can be measured as waves and frequencies; much like sound is measured in the same terms. There have been methods discovered to not only interpret these waves but also to manipulate them.

Everything, and I do mean everything, in our minds and our universe vibrates. In other words, everything is energy and the frequencies that everything vibrates at can be both quantified and interpreted. Waves are a common form of these interpretations. The waves are plotted and composed of the frequencies caused by these vibrations.

Frequencies, Waves and Our Brains

A common tool you’re probably familiar with to track and measure the impulses, waves and frequencies in our minds is an EEG or Electroencephalogram.

For many years now we’ve had a clear understanding that, when the brain is operating at certain frequencies, certain states of consciousness occur.

For example, we clearly know the difference in frequencies the brain is operating at in our various states of being either awake or asleep. We also know that there is clear proof the brain receives and processes information and instructions differently (or effectively) in certain states.

What’s fascinating is we’ve learned how to create most of these states artificially and further, how to manipulate the brain to create these different states on demand. The reason this works is because the subconscious, or larger portion of our brain, doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s not.

It’s only our conscious mind that can attach judgment, perception or meaning to things. Our subconscious just processes and archives raw data and stores it for later use based on a complex set of associations and neural pathways that have been built over the course of our existence as a species.

People have been manipulating, programming, and re-programming the brain for centuries. Ancient cultures used herbs, music, meditation, and rituals with great success.

In the modern world we have much more advanced, accurate, effective, and specific ways to produce a multitude of desired outcomes. An example of this is the download you now have in your possession.

So Where Is the Proof That All This Manipulation Works?

Advances in science and technology have created powerful new methodologies which are proven to be highly effective at manipulating the brain to produce specific results.

We all know that people in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, medicine, and religion have been using techniques such as suggestion, meditation, and a variety of others for many years with great success.

As our understanding of how the mind works has advanced, so has our ability to apply these and many other techniques with very predictable results. Whether it be a fear or phobia, habit or behaviour, desire to have more or less of something…we now have the ability give nearly anyone simple tools to help them achieve the desired result or get rid of that which they no longer desire.

By incorporating a number of these proven techniques, tools, and methodologies it’s now possible to help people with everything from losing weight to sleeping better and developing a better golf swing. You can learn faster and retain more, find states of high energy or relaxation nearly on command and nearly anything else you can imagine.

We’ve discovered many things about how our brains work and how “thoughts truly are things” … as has been written by many authors for over 100 years. What our minds can believe we truly can achieve.

That leads to an important thought for your consideration.

The effectiveness of any of these tools largely rests with you and your mind. If you absolutely believe something can’t, won’t or doesn’t work…guess what? It probably won’t work- for you. However, the reverse also holds true…if you give it a chance and are just open to the possibility these tools could work for you, they will.

Do you realize nearly every Olympic team and professional sports team on the planet now employs someone just to help them visualize achieving peak performance? Why do you suppose they do this? I can tell you with certainty it’s because it works. Not just some of the time, but every time.

There are people in industries where long hours are necessary who use specialized downloads like the one you now possess to simulate sleep? The result is they can set aside thirty minutes to provide their mind and body the exact same effect and benefits as sleeping soundly for four hours. It’s both possible and true.

As stated earlier, our subconscious doesn’t know the difference between the real and the vividly imagined. If the mind synchs with frequencies, it believes represent a sleeping state, guess what? When it’s returned to a normal waking frequency it will do so having processed both this information and the physiological responses of sleep…exactly as if it had been sleeping.

There are documented studies where people just purely imagined making free throws in basketball and, as a result, their actual physical performance improved to the same or a greater degree than a second group who did practice making free throws? This is powerful and amazing stuff we’re talking about here and I hope you’re starting to see that.

Have you ever heard the stories of people being admitted to a hospital on a Friday to have an operation for a large tumour…only to have the surgeon discover that all traces of it have suddenly and permanently disappeared by the time they were on the operating table the following Monday?

It happens every day. Whether it’s thought, prayer, visualization, meditation, or the use of an audio like the one you have in front of you (which incorporates many of these things and more) doesn’t necessarily matter. What does matter is the proof of how powerful our minds are when provided the proper stimuli, combined with a belief the desired outcome is possible.

Even our knowledge and understanding of things like bad habits and addictive behaviours has changed greatly recently. We now understand that it’s not about willpower or conditioning. There are specific neural pathways responsible for these things and we’ve learned that it’s not possible, effective, or necessary to try to deal with or change them. What brings about the change we desire is simply replacing these pathways with new ones.

That’s yet another way the tool like you have just downloaded can help you. There is no easier way to create a new habit or behaviour (or pathway) than to continuously feed the mind a new set of instructions or thoughts or to synchronize with the vibrations of the desired outcome. That leads us right back to the subconscious.

That’s why so many people fail at things like weight loss or quitting smoking. They are trying to do so by affecting only the conscious mind.

Unfortunately, the conscious mind brings with it all your life experience and baggage, as well as judgment and limiting beliefs. The subconscious doesn’t understand these things. It simply archives and acts upon what it receives without prejudice.

Therefore, it’s so important to feed it the kinds of information and create the types of patterns and frequencies it associates with the outcomes you desire.

The subconscious can digest more information in shorter periods of time than we even yet understand. What we do know is how powerful the results can be when it’s provided the right stimuli.


The download you have will almost certainly work if you first believe it will and second…use it! It’s important that you use this tool consistently until you achieve the result you’re seeking. Repetition and consistency are the keys.

Take this seriously and set aside a specific time for using it and follow the instructions provided. Don’t think about it…just do it! Thinking about it consciously is only going to hurt, not help you

About the NeoPsi™ Technology Used to Create Your download program.

This is a technology developed over the course of more than ten years of trial and error using only the most widely accepted, proven and effective technologies and techniques available.

As a result of many hours of testing, tweaking, and combining these techniques, NeoPsi’s creator, Robert Fighter developed the Power collection program, he discovered a harmonious blend of three specific techniques that have made these downloads effective for the widest possible range of people.

The problem with many subliminal or purely brainwave products has been that they either rely on too simple or generic of an approach or they limit their effectiveness by only using a single technique.

As a musician, Robert uncovered an interesting anomaly in several sound recordings which he hypothesized could greatly enhance the effectiveness of subliminal and/or brainwave recordings.

Upon further investigation he realized this to be true and continued to expand upon his findings. The result was the proprietary combination of techniques which are now utilized on all NeoPsi™ downloads.

This technology has enabled the creation of downloads to address a wider range of issues. These blended techniques can also be highly customized for use in a wider array of settings.

Unlike many traditional subliminal or brainwave downloads, many NeoPsi™ created downloads can be safely used in active environments without the often-required use of headphones (or the cautionary measures needed before becoming active after listening).

In addition, Robert has found these downloads to often be more practical and beneficial to certain types of people who have found themselves resistant to or unable to benefit from using this type of tool previously.


This track utilizes binaural beats, triangular pulse modulation and auto-panning modulation to produce its relaxing effect. This results in a background haze which is perfectly normal and aids assimilation that helps the subconscious mind absorb the messages more quickly.


Please read the full medical disclaimer for anything purchased in the audio lounge



* Please do not listen to any of our audio recording while driving or operating machinery of any kind. For best results aim to be in a relaxed state, this program is intended to be used repeatedly for a period of 21 days. You must not use our program if you have any type of psychosis or a personality disorder.

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