How to Manifest what you want into your life – Spiritually Awoken Angelic Reiki - By Gary Bashford

How to Manifest what you want into your life

Every one bangs on about balance, and how life would be better if they could manifest what they want. We you can, manifesting is a state of mind. If you continue to stress about things in your life then you will get more to stress about.

Changing your life and breaking free from old habits and behaviours is a transformative journey, but what do you need change ? Understanding the Root Causes is the first step to changing your life. Is it Stress are you and bored, these are often causes that drive bad habits. One of the ways is to recognize when any of these emotions trigger your behaviour. The reason is not so hard to fathom and digging deeper into what makes to trigger is a great start. Are there underlying fears, events, or limiting beliefs that sustain these habits? Honest self-reflection is essential.

Honesty is the best policy and always Replace, Don’t Eliminate:

The best advice would be to not just eliminate a bad habit; instead, look to replace it with something that is healthier. Which means you must try to identify the benefits your current habits, even if you consider them harmful  provide (even if they’re harmful). Then find alternative behaviours that offer similar benefits. For example, if you want to lose weight, consider going to a class, and surround Yourself with Positive Influences all looking to achieve the same goal. It is easier to achieve things in a group, as there is a feeling of support.

If you want to create the opposite of all these areas of your life, that are affecting your health. Then you are about to discover how you can quickly turn all of these around in a matter of days effortlessly. Time to ditch those bad habits and behaviours, with the help of our Mind and Body affirmation and sound therapy Collection Do you ever lay awake at night thinking about your day so long that you just cannot go to sleep?

Do you ever get information overload when trying to learn something new and then forget most of what you have been trying to learn? Maybe you want to be less stressed, are you tired of the people around you are trying to dump their stress on you? Have you ever wanted to be rich but don’t know how to get there. Everything we do is all about mind set. A wealthy person already sees themselves as wealthy, it is a state of mind. A wealthy person does not think about lack and scarcity. To achieve a goal, you must producing thoughts that are focused. Our audio collection achieves this for you.

Do you ever wish you could make more money and be really wealthy but cannot stop your mind producing thoughts that are focused on how much debt you have or other such poverty-stricken thoughts?

Some people wish they were more motivated and that they did on procrastinate and wasting opportunities. The main reason right now is for people change their lives is because they are fed up with being sad and unhappy they are tired of living with Anxicity. Thy want to experience a good night’s sleep.

Whatever the reason you have change start and ends with you, and you must invest in yourself if you are to progress and move forward.

Mind and Body affirmation and sound therapy Collection.

One of the ways is through, using audio affirmations, we have several audios to help with the following:

1 Easy Sleep - Mental Health Mind and Body Audio Subliminal Collection

2 Power Learning - Mental Health Mind and Body Audio Subliminal Collection

3 Calm your stress levels - Mental Health Mind and Body Audio Subliminal Collection

4 Creating Wealth - Mental Health Mind and Body Audio Subliminal Collection

5 Positive Action - Mental Health Mind and Body Audio Subliminal Collection

6 Attracting Happiness - Mental Health Mind and Body Audio Subliminal Collection

This download is compatible with google drive and other drives.

Here we have produced specialized audios for you to download. Using the different combinations of sounds and music to help you achieve your goal effortlessly. This simple but effective collection is inlayed with multi-level messages designed to target the parts of your life you wish to change. You can purchase these individually or as a collection. Using our file transfer software within the store all downloads work with all current technology including google drive, OneDrive, and others.

* This track utilizes binaural beats, triangular pulse modulation and auto-panning modulation to produce its relaxing effect. This results in a background haze which is perfectly normal and aids assimilation that helps the subconscious mind absorb the messages more quickly.

Download our our Healthy Mind and Body collection Here

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