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Fight your Parkinson’s Disease can cause severe physical difficulties, but it can also lead to depression and lack of motivation. Unfortunately, Doctors cannot provide a complete answer. This has led me to the conclusion that I alone had to take responsibility for dealing with my Parkinson’s disease. This is not an easy thing to do for we tend to listen to our medical professionals and not do much else. What I recommend to everyone I meet with Parkinson’ Disease is that they try to take responsibility for their condition. Many people that I know with Parkinson’s live in the hope of a healing, but it has been a long time coming. Despite the extensive worldwide research, it is as well to expect that it will still take some time before the answer is found This is not a defeatist attitude but rather a realistic expectation. It also urges you to Take action and control. over the management of your condition If and when the answer is found, we can all rejoice but until then I urge you to do everything you can to alleviate your symptoms.

How do I do this? Well, the first thing I say to people is that they must maintain a strong positive attitude.

Chris William Author of Say No To Parkinson's Dis-ease

You cannot afford the luxury of a single negative thought.

This in my View is the most important weapon to be used against Parkinson’s Dis-ease. Given your diagnosis how have you reacted? You really can not have the luxury of a negative thought. Have you become down and somewhat depressed, have you started to ask the question “Why me?” Have you just accepted it and thought life is so unfair, have you in fact accepted it and adopted a defeatist attitude. Maybe you haven’t but I have met a number of people who have done just that. They have given up before their approach has even started. It is quite distressing to see just how broken they have become. They feel that their life is somewhat over. They talk about how awful their day is or how bad their symptoms are, and how they must get back to their Hospital Consultant for some extra treatment to improve their situation. I know I have said it before but that is simply not going to happen. You cannot rely on your Neurologist to sort you out. They simply cannot do it. Please do not misunderstand me. I am not criticising the Medical Profession – a remedy just does not exist. So, I am urging you to firstly reject your illness in your mind. Do not give it ANY power. Say to yourself.

I don’t want it and I am not having it!

You may think this sounds a bit silly but believe me I know – I have experienced the despair, the hopelessness the feeling that it was not worth going on. Until you decide you don't want it and your not having it Parkinson's will continue to mess with your mind. This is negative thinking and will only attract more despair. I am a Positive Thinker I hear you say but sadly we none of us realise just how much negative thinking we do. I ask you to pay attention to your thoughts for just one day. Examine each and every thought that goes on in your head and analyse whether it is positive or negative; if it is negative then reject it. You will be amazed just how many negative thoughts you do have. If you are willing to try this for one day you will want to continue this for further days. In this way you will cleanse yourself from this unhealthy habit. What has this to do with Parkinson’s I hear you say. Well ask yourself do I say things like “I’m really fed up with this Parkinson’s” or “I feel so tired all the time” or “If only I didn’t have this awful disease.” The list goes on. Each and every one of these thoughts contributes to your worsening condition. What we think becomes what we are. It applies to all of our thinking in whatever areas of our life are involved.

How do I stop this you ask. Well, there is a book which I wrote which provides real help and advice on how to proceed.  In particular you can obtain a copy of this amazing and helpful book unlike any other. You can also get audio recordings to help alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson's. So you are willing to fight this debilitating disease and put in the effort. Then you must keep active and exercise regularly.

The True Power of Reiki Healing

For those that do not know about distance healing. There is a real power in Reiki healing. it is a type of energy healing, there are many types of healing such as Usui Reiki and many other modalities. Some practitioners describe it as clearing energy that stagnates in the body. This is normally where there has been physical injury or even emotional pain. In time, these energy blocks can cause illness. Reiki helps to release the flow of energy within the body of the Parkinson's suffer and removes blocks in a similar way to acupressure. As a Reiki practitioner Gary is able to improving the flow of energy around my body and can enable relaxation, relieve pain, speed healing, and reduce other symptoms of illness. Reiki Healing works wonders for me, so if you feel that the pain has become too intense and uncomfortable then you can always book a slot with Gary and he can perform distant Reiki for you. So you do not have to suffer in silence.

Read his reviews from all over the world he is truly a great healer.

Book here for Angelic Reiki Appointments

Use it or lose it 

It is a known fact that even if you are quite healthy to maintain that good health you need to keep active. You need to exercise regularly. You need to keep moving. That is why I say you need to use it or lose it, If you don’t your muscles will Sign post saying Pain Free with blue sky's in the background with wording tighten up and atrophy. The less you do the less you will be able to do. This applies even more if you have Parkinson’s Disease. Your muscles tighten and shrink and if left unattended you will eventually become immobile. You must exercise those muscles even though you may struggle to do so. Whatever stage of Parkinson’s you’re at you must be determined to improve your condition. You must believe that it is possible for without this conviction you will not achieve your goal. I cannot stress too strongly that your success depends on your attitude. Doctors say that there is no total answer for the eradication Parkinson’s Dis-ease; it is a degenerative disease and can only get worse. There is no way to slow down or stop the rate of degeneration. It is no wonder many people with Parkinson’s give up the fight. Obtain a copy of the book say no to Parkinson's Disease, read it and get exercising. You will also learn how audio recordings can truly help fight the disease in particular people with Parkinson’s find it increasingly difficult to get motivated. This is not laziness; it is simply one of the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. I have experienced this Parkinson’s induced lethargy. However, I have used the Motivation Booster Audio Recording, and this really did work. To obtain a copy follow this link.

In fact, there are a number of recordings available which can help you fight the symptoms of the disease.

The full details can be found by following this link:

There are many symptoms that befall those with Parkinson’s not least of which is Sleep Deprivation. Lack of sleep over an extended period of time can have a marked effect on one’s health and can definitely make your Parkinson’s worse. You may have difficulty falling asleep and as a result find yourself lying in bed for a long time frustrated and tired. There is an audio recording which I have found very effective called Sleep Easier. Just follow the collections link to review the complete list of recordings. This is a brief exploration of Parkinson’s Disease should I hope to have inspired you to start to develop your own approach to managing your condition.

I wish you good luck.


Chris Williams


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